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What we do

Providing strategic and tactical guidance to retail
brands, designing and delivering transformational
and impactful retail store concepts and customer

engage, convert.

From small yet meaningful tactical changes in
your retail formula and store designs to
transformational brand-reinventing strategies
and store concepts, we help you connect to
consumers, and put your brand in front of the


of retail purchase decisions are
dictated by the person’s mood and
emotions at that very particular

Activate the senses,
create connections
sell more.

Our team looks at the retail space as
a blank canvas on which we can
imprint unique digitally enhanced,
omni-channel, and connected
customer experiences.

We bring your brand and message visually to life and give them true impact through effective lighting, graphics and effective digital signage applications.

We bring your brand and message visually to live and give them true impact through clever spatial design and effective digital signage applications.
Unleash your audience's emotions and establish impactful connections, using sublime influence of our effective scent marketing solutions.
Activate your audiences, set the right mood and increase conversion, with the power of sound, for more successful outcomes.
We turn 'space' into 'place' - interpreting your brand story through the combination of the physical and digital medium - making memorable experiences for your customers.


Our hassle free full-services approach
includes all phases of your customer
experience transformation projects,
from ideation to implementation and


Navigating complex environments is a challenge that can now be addressed through seamless digital and physical wayfinding solutions.

Digitised Customer Journeys

Online/in-store integration is increasingly driving the shoppers experience, as omni-channel becomes the retail norm.

Retail and Store Concepts

The physical shopping experience enables brands to differentiate and engage through creative and multi-sensory environments.

Master Planning

Developing a robust commercial blueprint for any major or retail transformation is essential to new investments.

At RCD we understand the importance and
role of technology in today’s consumer and
retail landscape.

Our concepts and designs embrace digital
applications in a perfectly balanced way,
elevating space and time, creating unique
commercial benefits for your brand.

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Future-proofing your brand

your brand

69% of consumers have a better perception of and buy more with brands that offer consistent experiences offline and online

Omni-channel brand consistency increases retail revenue by 33% on average

For 84% of consumers, brand experiences are at least equally as determining as the actual product for brand loyalty

Up to 95% of retail purchase decisions are dictated by the person’s mood and emotions at that very particular moment

78% of people want more digital service applications and stations in stores, hotels, etc. 60% prefer using them over interaction with personnel

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